On our website you will find information about the pigeons of Leo van Rijn.

Here you’ll find a page for news as well  as some pages about the different bloodlines in our pigeonfamily, largely 40 years in our loft. Our breeding loft consists annually of no more than about 16 breeding pairs. These pigeons are the the strong base of the many fantastic National results in Holland. Take a look at this site and for questions, you can always contact Leo at: 

1st National Acebird Holland/Nederland 2014
WHZB & BOTB - NL 14-1866653

8th National Champion Holland 2016 WHZB-TBOTB

For performances of these pigeons please look at the menu 'Performances'.
  • 20-06-2020

    20-06-2020 Now on 20-06-2020 again the 1e combine on 1514 pigeons, now from Pt. st Maxence , an...
    18 December 2020
  • 06-06-2020

    06-06-2020 We won again 1e Combine and 2e Combine on 1816 pigeons from Niergnies , now with 17-1225...
    18 December 2020
  • 15-08-2020

    15-08-2020 We won again 1e combine now with 20-1418066 on 1092 pigeons from Peronne
    18 December 2020