This saturday the race was delayed to Sunday because of the bad weather. Also on Sunday 5 May very cold weather around 10 Celsius, and a strong North western wind wit rain showers.

In My club on 234 pigeons I won 1-2-3-7-10-13-14-16-20-26-28-29-33etc and in combine on 3895 pigeons it started with place 7-13-16  with the 1e price for Bliksem Replay 338 who is son of  986 of Bliksem of Anton Ruitenberg and mother 198 from all sides The Old Benjamin / Replay line . The 2e price for the 2018- 1798888 KEIZER TITAN (he is all weeks in the first) and price 3 for the 302, the nest brother of My 5e National Olympic Young 2018 , the OLYMPIC LENY 301.

Dear Pigeons Friends,
This Year was a very hard year for me and My Family... At 11 March 2018, my dear wife and great love 'Leny', who I was together with for 43 Years in great harmony, is suddenly passed away by a head bleeding (aneurism). Pigeons and all other things on that moment, and the months after this, are have no place in My mind and all days life anymore.
I have decide even, to basked the pigeons in April and later, but Mt brain was not fresh You understand, and not busy with the pigeons.
Because of this, I have found, that  the results My pigeons however made, as a little miracle.
I have get the feeling, that it must be, My dear wife Leny was helping me from heaven to made life nicer for me.  To let You understand, I have start with 23 pair race pigeons in total on My loft, same  as all Years ( I have a loft with 24 breeding place boxes) and the results are;
  • 14 April on 265 pigeons Menem, 1-2-3-4-5-7-8-9-11-12-13-14-16-17-19-23-24-30-32-34-37-38-40 etc
  • 21 April on 283 pigeons Arras, 1-2-3-4-6-7-9-10-13-14-15-20-22-23-24-26-27-28-32-33-41-42-45 etc
  • 28 April on 229 pigeons Peronne a wet rain race 2-8-11-13-14-15-17- 23-30-31-33-3-40-41 etc
  • 12 May on 204 pigeons Fontenay 1-2-3-4-6-7-8-9-10-11-14-18-19-22-26-29-31-34-39-40-41 etc
  • 20 May on 162 pigeons Pointoise 2-5-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-17-18-20-22-24-26-27-28-30 etc
  • 26 May on 151 pigeons Peronne 1-5-7-9-12-13-14-16-17-18 -22-25-30 -37 etc
  • 3 June  on 154 pigeons Pt st Max 1-2-3-6-7-13-14-18-19-21-27-30-31-36 etc
  • 10  June bad weather to Laon in 2 groups 2-4-8 and 3-4 12-19-28-35-36-38-41
  • 16 June on 112 pigeons Cezanne 1-2-3-8-9-12-14-20-21-23 etc
  • 30 June on 121 pigeons Melun 1-3-4-5-6-7-9-10-11-18-20-21-24-26-28-31   etc
  • 14 July on 113 pigeons Oudenaarde -2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-12-14-17-24-28-29 etc
  • 21 July on 222 Young pigeons Menem 1-3-5-7-8-9-11-14-15-16-17-18-24-25-26-28-32-33-35-36-38 et
  • 28 July cancels race because too hot
  • 4 August on 231 pigeons Menem 1-7-10-13-16-25-26-27-31-32-34-35-42-48-50-51-52-53-54  etc
  • 11 August on 213 pigeons Peronne 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-23-27-31-32 etc
  • 18 August on 215 pigeons Pt. St Max  1-2-9-15-18-19 -22-25-29-31-33-36-37-39-40  etc
  • 25 August on 193 pigeons Pointoise 3-4-5-8-9-12-16 and on 135 Oudenaarde 1-2-9-12-13-15-21-23
  • 1 sept. on 170 pigeons Fontenay 1-2-5-9-10-12-15-19-21   etc
  • 8 Sept. on 125 pigeons Peronne 1-2-3-4-5-7-8-9-11-17 etc
  • 15 sept. on Peronne 1-2-3-4-5-8-9-10-11-13-14-17-20 (13 of the 16 in concours on place 20)
  • Also I have get the message from our National Pigeon organisation, NPO, that on the weekend of the 7e July 2018, My NL16-1835716 was the 1e fasted pigeon of all pigeons in our country Netherlands.
  • Also several combine winners this Year again like;
    NL18-1798302 won 1e on 2667 Peronne (My old Keizer/Hattrick lines cross with a hen of Bruin)
    NL16-1835716 won 1 on 1925 pigeons combine and fastest all National races that day
    NL-181798301 won 1 on 2264 pigeons combine Pt. St Maxence
                                        2 on 2858 Menem
                                        2 on 2667 Peronne
                                        5 on 1258 Fontenay
                                        7 on 6633 Peronne
Looking at this I am happy with My pigeons. What they do this year again, with a boss who was not busy with them in his mind….
Met vriendelijke groet,  kind regards,
Leo van Rijn

Some results from England

Always nice to hear from my friends, how the pigeons I have sent are doing in Larne& district (England).
Check hen gb12 L 02608 1st club tullamore yb 135 miles 41/1201 the 1st race we entered with your birds. This hen hurt her wing so I put her to stock she's bred 3 winners also.
Check hen Gb12L02607 aboves nest mate .
2013 old birds
Rosscarbery 263 miles 1st club 32/389 19th sec 54 open 693/8631
Talbenny channel race 216 miles 2nd club 42/660 30th section 96th open 918/13771
Rosscarbery old bird national 116 sec 376 open 672/6212
Clonmel 188 miles 91 sec 149 open 1052/26833
Talbenny 1st club 32/436 9th section 41st open 797/10852
Bude 263 miles channel race 1st club 30/364 2nd section 10th open 727/8754
2015 Penzance 327 miles channel race 63 section 262 open 619/5954
Now in stock also bred a winner
Gb14L01240 check hen
Rosscarbery young bird national 1st club 17/191 3rd section 44th open
Gb16L33745 blue cock
Fermoy yb 209 miles 1st club 12/216 1st section 2nd open 428/7740
Rosscarbery yb national 4th club 16th section 47th open 365/3499
Mullingar 111 miles 11section 233 open 635/15559
Fermoy 2nd club 9 section 29 open 419/5554
Gb15L30332 blue cock
Fermoy old bird 1st club 24/784 3rd section 15 open 907/26894
Gb16L33751 blue hen
Rosscarbery young bird national 6th club 12/150 18th section 50th open 365/3499
Corrin 215 miles 5th club 40 section 252 open 365/3499
Rosscarbery old bird national 2nd club 2nd sec 40th open 577/6327
Gb16L 30303 check hen
Fermoy ob 31 sec 68 open 907/26894
Talbenny ob 1st club 24/394 8th section 105 open 11384 Birds
Gb17L31890 blue w/f hen
Gowran yb 163 miles 1st club 18/569 6th section 95th open 723/21971
Gb17L 31858 blue hen
Tullamore yb 135 miles
2nd club 17/508 3rd section 5th open 666/20315
Good morning Leo
It's Terry the young hen I rung you about ended up been 1st north section 11th open in the midland national also 1st open midland national gold ring, plus 1st Derbyshire federation from 306 miles.
All the best
Laslo Heere performs verry well with Leo van Rijn strain!

Leo van Rijn auction on and

Searching for some exellent pigeons? Take a look at GPS and Herbots. Very exclusive pairings of the old Leo van Rijn strain x the best of A. Ruitenberg.

Today I get a phone call from Terry Higgs, from Rossington -Doncaster, to thanks me for the pigeons I sent him last Year 2016. He bred some top Youngsters of them, and he won good prices with now this last weekend he won the 1e Provincial and 1e Sector ad 9 National all England. This with a head wind on 306 Mile distance, arrived afer7 hours and 58 minutes, on a speed of 1128 Yards a minute.
The winner was bred out 2 fresh Leo van Rijn pigeons from mostly the National Champion King and Keizer , and a little from mother of Benjamin line, cross with a W. de Bruin.

Grootmeester Leo

Leo Van Rijn the undisputed King of the Dutch pigeon sport
I have always had the greatest admiration for men with a small basket and big results and this is most definitely the order of the day for the phenomenon and fanatical fancier who is the victorious Van Rijn from De Lier in the Southwest of Holland , a stone’s throw away from the port of Rotterdam.

Read more: Leo van Rijn - King of the Dutch pigeon sport!!

1e  General Champion club un nominated
1e General Champion club nominated
1e General Combine against approximately 400 members
1e Champion Combine Day races Un nominated
2e Champion Combine Day Races nominated
4e Champion Combine Middle distance  
5e Champion Combine Vitesse
We have had to day, a Natour race from Peronne, with a calm North North western wind, and most good weather, but some rain on the line.
I have send 3 summer Youngs to learn up, and 17 old pigeons , (20 in the basked) all My 13 hens I have, and 4 cocks, all on eggs of 16 days and 3 on a Young from 4 -5 days. I have 15 of this 17 old pigeons in the price list. Not one of the 3 learn up Youngsters made a price for me.
This 15 price pigeons of me were place 4-5-13-14-16-17-19-25-32 etc to 213 pigeons, and this was in combine to 3006 pigeons place 16-18-49-50-60-63-79-119-142 etc . so 7 of My 17 old pigeons in the 1e 79 in the combine. I am satisfied , special because I am worried before because ; .. I don’t race My well trained selection of Youngsters anymore, and let them at home, moult and rest for next season 2018.
I only race with My total of 13 pairs old pigeons now today, against all concurrent like Fred , who played all their best trained selection of Youngsters, and they also toss them 2-3 times a week from 30 -40 km or even more, and come basked 40-50 or more pigeons. So I am pleased My pigeons made this results.
We have a short race and a longer Young pigeon race, the short race was with a mix of sun and clouds and a very little wind, on a speed of 1314 meter a minute for the 1e , slower as expected, but Concours was closed in 15 minutes , so was good. I have to be satisfied with 3-7-8-9-13-15-22-24-28-30-32-39 on 234 pigeons was 20-46-48-50-68 etc in the combine on 3640 pigeons , this 12 prices from 15 routine pigeons of me in Concours. (and also 5 summer breeds in training) With great exportations after the short race, I was waiting for the youngsters from the 440 km race , but that race was going very slow and bad, with a lot (20%) of the pigeons not at home that day here around. I started with price 12 -35-78 in the combine on 1660 pigeons what is very bad for me as You know. There were winds from all sides on the 440 km and , most from the east, but I don’t understand that the pigeons come so bad. Only our Friend Fred had his lucky day , as only he get them very well on this race in this area, others here around, get them most dramatically. But finally the other day, I was lucky to get them all at home, so for 2018, I have a good team left over of this difficult Young pigeon race season 2017.
Leo van Rijn pigeons outstanding in Great-Brittain!

Short week report!

Here a short note week report. Weather was some better as last weeks.  This  mean that we firs after some weeks, not have to wait to Sunday in this rain weekend Year.  After a rainy morning on the race line, afternoon the pigeons go out on 13.30 with , a western south western wind on Pt St Max 320 km.
There were with 1 race to go after this,  only 1794 young pigeons in the combine, and the prices (the list of the first 25% arrived pigeons) take 35 minutes, and 85% arrived yesterday every were. So  the arrivals learn,  it was again not a good and quick race, but the same as last weeks, it was clear they have with the strong western wind also rain on the way back.
Last Year I have all wks the 1e price, but now it is most weeks 2e price I start with, There is every week somebody who have a pigeons before me, but, that is super to keep the fanciers in the sport.  I have them not as good as other weeks with 2-8-9-15-17 etc etc on 276 pigeons is in combine on 1794 place 8-39-52-80-86  etc etc
The 2e price winner was from Wondered Dirk son with Bliksem Abeele hen, the same pigeons who do the big part winning of the points from My day race 1e Championship.
Topbreeder of the Leo v Rijn strain!

Enrico Doldersum is a national top racer and became best fancier of the week in a pigeon magazine. He became also champion young birds for the 5th time. A great result and Sjoerd Lei's topbreeder is a little part of his great succes. A topracer by Enrico comes out this topbreeder out of Leo v Rijn's breeding station. See his pedigree:

Leo van Rijn be champion again!!!

The weather was again so bad, that the races Saturday all over Holland, were cancelled. So we go out the basket’s today, Sunday 6 August. We had today, the last race 2017 with the old pigeons, a race from La souterraine , for me 671 km, with a soft North western head wind, who turned in Belgium to west, and here on the last 100 km turn on to Wes south west.
This western wind made again that we here on the west coast, in the total provincial South Holland, have no any change You understand. But looking here, to provincial south Holland, section west, we have an acceptable some more honest, and good race. I have send only 9 pigeons, and won the 1e and 2e in the club and the 2e -6-30-35-63 in the combine against 424 pigeons .
This 2e price, made that I am again 1e Champion General (all over General; Vitesse- Mid fond- Day race fond ) 2017, and also 1e Champion Day races 2017, etc etc, of course in club but also in the area and the combine.
This 1e prices most weeks, 1e price winners 2017 on the middle distance and special the day races, have been as I wright You al weeks, most of them, a big % the old Benjamin line. As You know, sins 2014 with great success in cross, with the 3 Wonder Dirk breeders of me, and the 4 breeders of the super winner multiplayer Bliksem 781 .
It started with winning by me of the National ACE Young pigeon all Holland 2014, Marja, and this combination with Benjamin gives my loft a winners boost from 2014 all Years. Now a Yearling won last day race from Chateauroux on 603 KM, and NL16-1835694 (from this blood line combination) won the 1e now on La Souterraine on 671km, super I guess for such a Young hen on such a tough and long day race. SUPERB HEN this 694, Who I will call now La Souterraine 694
With the Youngsters this morning it was a more disturbed race, the weather early this morning, was not simple it seems for them, because there were too much minutes between the arrivals.
I have them good in the club and as one of the best in the combine, but missed the first arrivals group, and start with 4-8-9-13-14-15-16-17-18-20-21-22 25- etc on 286p
A lot of lofts were slaughtered by the losses all weeks, so much losses that fanciers lost around 60%.
Good friends/Champs, who raced also well for30-40 Years have not enough left for fill the boxes 2018…., I hope I go on like this, because I have left still 65 of My 84 Young 2017 pigeons, who I started with in May in My loft. So if I be able, to keep this the last 2-3 weeks, I have enough choice for the 24 Yearlings hen and cocks I hope to select.
Winner Dutch Golden Classic

The winner of the Dutch Golden Classic contains a lot of Leo van Rijn birds. This bird is winner of 2.000 Euros. See the pedigree for more information. 

Two times 2nd in combine!

Here it is still rubbish with the weather. Yesterday we raced from Morlincourt/Noyon and they find a moment at 10.45 to put the pigeons out, total provincial South Holland Young and old in 1 time around 31.700 pigeons. The sky opened some spots some moments, and we get hope on a good race, but after a while clouds / sky closed totally, and some spats of drizzle rain started. It should be the start of a difficult returns, with late in the evening 95% at home on the lofts.
I have not bad luck, that I have with both Young and Old pigeons the 2e in the combine.
With the old pigeons place 2-6-7-25-33-50-61-62-73 in the combine = provincial west section place 22-28-29 -102-136-etc on 1593p on this last race, what with a west south western wind was difficult to do better for me at the West coast /Westland
With the Youngsters also place 2 in the combine and My second on place 24 (lost 3 minutes) on 3488 Young pigeons, go on with 24-40-44-57- etc made much worse as normally, only 19 of the 64 in the price list, missing only 4 in the evening what was very good .
So still again, not a pigeons weather weekend as we hope and like, but we have to deal with it. I hope I have keep My No 1 Champion position still in the Combine and section south Holland west after this 2 rain weekends with a high week of fortune level.
In the club I lost the 1e because My Youngsters waste some time, and have now
2-3-5-6-10-11-12-14-16-17-18-19-20-23-25 etc against 355 pigeons and in the combine as You can read here 5-6-13-14-36-38-42-45 etc total 33 in the price in our system 1 to 4 from 65 of me in concourse against 3995 pigeons.
It seems the Youngsters start to be ready to doing well next races, after this few trainings and now 2 races.
I also send You a scan, after this mail, with of the General results position of the lofts here in the area, were I read that I am this 2017 so far again 1e in the day races and also 1e in the total General
This is the report of this week, I have to be happy with this I suppose.
Dear Adrian & Leo
Hope you are well and I see from your articles in the BHW that you are still winning with your pigeons. I would like to give you an update on some success my son Kevin and I have had with you and Leo Van Rijn pigeons.
The best hen we have from your hen ‘Jenny’ GB10T 37024 bred by yourself from direct Leo Van Rijn bloodlines was ‘Lucky’. As a baby on her first flight out of the loft she was attacked by a hawk and hit a kitchen window. The owner of the house came out and saw the hawk on the pigeon on the ground, the hawk flew away and he picked the young pigeon and on checking the leg noticed a phone number and phoned Kevin. His son accompanied him to collect the pigeon not far from their house and on the return home Kevin’s son Matthew said ‘Dad this pigeon was lucky it was not killed by the hawk’ and Kevin said ‘You are right and you have just named the pigeon ‘Lucky’. She went on to win 7 x 1st prizes in the club and excelled in the Scottish National Flying Club from inland racing. From Maidstone a distance of 392 miles she won 6th section C 31st open from an entry of 4855 birds. From Buckingham a distance of 322 miles she won 14th section C 78th open from an entry of 2941 birds. Then from Maidstone a distance of 392 miles she won 49th section C 223rd open against an entry of 4484 birds. From the Billericay national a distance of 364 miles she won 1st club 1st federation 18th section C 70th open from a convoy of 3395 birds. Unfortunately ‘Lucky’ time ran out when she was going for her Meritorious Inland Bronze Award for winning 5 times in the Scottish National inland races.
However 2 half-sisters of Lucky from the same dam ‘Jenny’ have won the following in the 2017 season with the Scottish National Flying Club. From the national’s first race from Buckingham with 495 members sending 4169 birds. We also had a race from Leicester on the same day and Kevin took the 1st 2nd & 3rd place and as he was attending to these Leicester birds my wife Margaret said loudly; ‘There is a blue hen on the way into the trap. This turned out to be his 1st national pigeon from Buckingham and 10 minutes later her sister drop onto the loft and 6 minutes later he timed a yearling hen; and he finished up with 17 home from his entry of 20 birds at the national race, so was very pleased with the teams efforts on the day. Kevin ended up winning 1st club 2nd Angus federation 37th section C 112th open with his first bird she is a half-sister to ‘Lucky’ (same dam) mentioned above. Her sire was direct from Leo Van Rijn when I purchased 6 straight from Holland with the help of Adrian. Kevin’s 2nd pigeon ‘Lynne’ is a full sister to the club winner and she won 70th section C 201st open and this is her 2nd national certificate as she won 25th section C 63rd open from Ypres in 2016 flying 455 miles.
The Scottish national sent a great entry of 6065 birds to the Buckingham inland national with a few extra hundred birds convoyed by the national but who only competed for federation prizes and the total liberation could be in excess of 7000 birds. In this race Kevin won 2nd club 4th Angus federation 9th section C 26th open with ‘Lynne’ this was the hen who was our 2nd bird from Buckingham a couple of weeks ago so now has 3 Scottish national certificates to her name. Hopefully she will be in good condition to go to the Ypres race on the 8th July as she will be on her first pair of eggs of the season. I will let you know how she progresses on the day.
May I once again THANK YOU and LEO for the top quality pigeon you have supplied us over the years they have been a ‘Credit’ to you both as they are top quality bred pigeons who breed ‘Winner’s’.
Yours in sport
Joe & Kevin Murphy
Stop Press:
The convoy of 2320 birds sent by 409 members to Ypres by the SNFC were liberated at 06:40am on Saturday 8th July into blue skies with a light west/south-west wind at the race point. The birds cleared the site well within minutes and the temperature at liberation was 19 degrees. Kevin timed in ‘Lynne’ at 20-12 hours flying 455 miles and should make both the section and open national result, thus winning her 3rd national prize in 3 national races in 2017.
Once I obtain the open result I will update you on this wonderful hen positions.

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