Here the weather yesterday on the race, was difficult again, as always in May, with the continue changing weather and temperature. We now have a tropical day, with more as 30 Celsius and a very soft south eastern wind, now any cloud, and burning sun.

Yesterday I won on a tough day race of 533 km with a hot south east wind 1 -2 -4 local(difficult and tough race, at evening 45% of the pigeons was not at home all around by other fanciers) I had 3 pigeons in concourse of My UNO day race pigeon line, and with this price 1-2-4 they were all 3 at home before most fancies even have a pigeon seen at the sky.

This was with this difficult and for me bad wind, provincial against 1102 fanciers and 18464 pigeons in concourse , price 23 and 28 and 286 provincial, and this even with Yong 2016 pigeons. The are Yearling childeren from the UNO hen NL09-1080223

We had also a short race, and they decide to change the plan and go to a very east place , very stupid, and that made as we told before the race extra disturbed with this disturbed south eastern wind. And that happened. Even now on Sunday morning, I read on My whats up, that 30% of the pigeons of this race and form the day race , from both still is not returned on most lofts

(I started on this Vitesse race from Chimay, unfortunately with price 4-6-7, and I have 21 of 23 pigeons at home)