Leo van Rijn wins 1 and 2 at Peronne

Here on the short race from Peronne , I won again the 1e and 2e price in club what was a little too late in the combine with 22 and 23 on 2725 pigeons. Too late because I get 1 cock from high in the sky taking a little too much time when the second arrived and no 1 go to nr 2 and made some fun together in the sky, and that cost me a small minute together and a lot of this 22 places before me in the combine,  because they arrived with high speed because of a southern tail wind, the lost time cost me a lot better places.

On race 2 from 554 km we expect a quick race but it was a little dead sky, there was a circle round the sun (a hallo),  and  a lot of swallows and seagulls circling around, what was the sign that it was not a quick race but a disturbed race. I won price 22 in the combine on 1559 pigeons what was  2 -6-10 -15 in club ad 5 of 8 in the price list.

Again today I better have nothing to complain with My small race team but be happy with the results.