Middle-Distance Pontoise a great success!

Today 17 June 2017 we had a race from Pointoise , distance 357 KM, with a NNW wind, and a quiet closed cloudy sky. Our pigeons  have go out as only province in Holland at 7 a clock, and it have be better that they have wait also 1 hour more,  like the rest of Holland, because the cloudy sky go a little open when our pigeons were at home already.
The race however was done in a 20-22 minutes, not bad but also not real good with the arrivals all around on the lofts, but al pigeons returned well.
Today I have again the 1e price of 167 pigeons in My village ,  and this was place 6 in the combine on 2771 pigeons and 15 place provincial west site on 7001 pigeons, and 16 of My 27 pigeons in the price on system 1 to 4. The winner is My 2 years cock from My Blue Power with the Abeele hen of Bliksem 781.
The circumstances are with the weather last weeks on a row not easy, so I have to be happy that I am lucky with weekly 1e price and top in the area.