Leo van Rijn be champion again!!!

The weather was again so bad, that the races Saturday all over Holland, were cancelled. So we go out the basket’s today, Sunday 6 August. We had today, the last race 2017 with the old pigeons, a race from La souterraine , for me 671 km, with a soft North western head wind, who turned in Belgium to west, and here on the last 100 km turn on to Wes south west.
This western wind made again that we here on the west coast, in the total provincial South Holland, have no any change You understand. But looking here, to provincial south Holland, section west, we have an acceptable some more honest, and good race. I have send only 9 pigeons, and won the 1e and 2e in the club and the 2e -6-30-35-63 in the combine against 424 pigeons .
This 2e price, made that I am again 1e Champion General (all over General; Vitesse- Mid fond- Day race fond ) 2017, and also 1e Champion Day races 2017, etc etc, of course in club but also in the area and the combine.
This 1e prices most weeks, 1e price winners 2017 on the middle distance and special the day races, have been as I wright You al weeks, most of them, a big % the old Benjamin line. As You know, sins 2014 with great success in cross, with the 3 Wonder Dirk breeders of me, and the 4 breeders of the super winner multiplayer Bliksem 781 .
It started with winning by me of the National ACE Young pigeon all Holland 2014, Marja, and this combination with Benjamin gives my loft a winners boost from 2014 all Years. Now a Yearling won last day race from Chateauroux on 603 KM, and NL16-1835694 (from this blood line combination) won the 1e now on La Souterraine on 671km, super I guess for such a Young hen on such a tough and long day race. SUPERB HEN this 694, Who I will call now La Souterraine 694
With the Youngsters this morning it was a more disturbed race, the weather early this morning, was not simple it seems for them, because there were too much minutes between the arrivals.
I have them good in the club and as one of the best in the combine, but missed the first arrivals group, and start with 4-8-9-13-14-15-16-17-18-20-21-22 25- etc on 286p
A lot of lofts were slaughtered by the losses all weeks, so much losses that fanciers lost around 60%.
Good friends/Champs, who raced also well for30-40 Years have not enough left for fill the boxes 2018…., I hope I go on like this, because I have left still 65 of My 84 Young 2017 pigeons, who I started with in May in My loft. So if I be able, to keep this the last 2-3 weeks, I have enough choice for the 24 Yearlings hen and cocks I hope to select.