Short week report!

Here a short note week report. Weather was some better as last weeks.  This  mean that we firs after some weeks, not have to wait to Sunday in this rain weekend Year.  After a rainy morning on the race line, afternoon the pigeons go out on 13.30 with , a western south western wind on Pt St Max 320 km.
There were with 1 race to go after this,  only 1794 young pigeons in the combine, and the prices (the list of the first 25% arrived pigeons) take 35 minutes, and 85% arrived yesterday every were. So  the arrivals learn,  it was again not a good and quick race, but the same as last weeks, it was clear they have with the strong western wind also rain on the way back.
Last Year I have all wks the 1e price, but now it is most weeks 2e price I start with, There is every week somebody who have a pigeons before me, but, that is super to keep the fanciers in the sport.  I have them not as good as other weeks with 2-8-9-15-17 etc etc on 276 pigeons is in combine on 1794 place 8-39-52-80-86  etc etc
The 2e price winner was from Wondered Dirk son with Bliksem Abeele hen, the same pigeons who do the big part winning of the points from My day race 1e Championship.