We have a short race and a longer Young pigeon race, the short race was with a mix of sun and clouds and a very little wind, on a speed of 1314 meter a minute for the 1e , slower as expected, but Concours was closed in 15 minutes , so was good. I have to be satisfied with 3-7-8-9-13-15-22-24-28-30-32-39 on 234 pigeons was 20-46-48-50-68 etc in the combine on 3640 pigeons , this 12 prices from 15 routine pigeons of me in Concours. (and also 5 summer breeds in training) With great exportations after the short race, I was waiting for the youngsters from the 440 km race , but that race was going very slow and bad, with a lot (20%) of the pigeons not at home that day here around. I started with price 12 -35-78 in the combine on 1660 pigeons what is very bad for me as You know. There were winds from all sides on the 440 km and , most from the east, but I don’t understand that the pigeons come so bad. Only our Friend Fred had his lucky day , as only he get them very well on this race in this area, others here around, get them most dramatically. But finally the other day, I was lucky to get them all at home, so for 2018, I have a good team left over of this difficult Young pigeon race season 2017.