We have had to day, a Natour race from Peronne, with a calm North North western wind, and most good weather, but some rain on the line.
I have send 3 summer Youngs to learn up, and 17 old pigeons , (20 in the basked) all My 13 hens I have, and 4 cocks, all on eggs of 16 days and 3 on a Young from 4 -5 days. I have 15 of this 17 old pigeons in the price list. Not one of the 3 learn up Youngsters made a price for me.
This 15 price pigeons of me were place 4-5-13-14-16-17-19-25-32 etc to 213 pigeons, and this was in combine to 3006 pigeons place 16-18-49-50-60-63-79-119-142 etc . so 7 of My 17 old pigeons in the 1e 79 in the combine. I am satisfied , special because I am worried before because ; .. I don’t race My well trained selection of Youngsters anymore, and let them at home, moult and rest for next season 2018.
I only race with My total of 13 pairs old pigeons now today, against all concurrent like Fred , who played all their best trained selection of Youngsters, and they also toss them 2-3 times a week from 30 -40 km or even more, and come basked 40-50 or more pigeons. So I am pleased My pigeons made this results.