From Nigel Beal
The basics of the article below appeared in the British Homing World 21-8-15.
We finished 3rd North section 38th open 6344 birds Midlands National libbed in a strong north wind which didn't really favour us. In the picture Jim Beal, Hector, Nev Burtoft holding the 24 cock Nigel Beal

24 is a yearling Cock as a young bird he won 1 x 1st 2 x 2nds beaten by loft mates this year he has 1 x 1st 1 x 2nd he is a Leo Van Rijn his sire came from our good friend Brian Johnson and was raced he topped the South Yorkshire Fed and was put to stock were he breeds winners no matter what hen he is paired to the Dam is direct from Leo being a daughter of Beautiful Princess and Kessie Leo's top breeders. NL10-1578686
It was only luck that we still have this cock He was actually bred for Brian Johnson but he couldn't get over to collect him and when he did get over it was 10 days after we moved him he was in with our young bird team Brian thought he looked too strong so left him where he was.

He was also duplicated into the Derbyshire Fed race where he gets 2nd Fed, 282 birds we are the furthest flyers in this Fed.

Also the last young bird race from Carentan 297 miles we finished 1st and 2nd Federation 1188 birds both birds were actually clocked on the same second so joint first. GB15Z38538 sire another gift from Brian bred from the brother of Royal Prince that you sent over to Brian and a Hen he bought from the sale you had at Telford the Dam NL13- 1139289 we bought from the sale you had at Blackpool from Royal Prince and Cinqo GB15N31218 sire is a Blue cock you sent over for Les Green's sale at Wigan NL13-1139499 grandson of the Replay. Dam NL12-1516815 daughter of Kessie and Ooievaartje 333 we got this hen also from Blackpool.
This just made a good finish to the season.