Dear Adrian & Leo
Hope you are well and I see from your articles in the BHW that you are still winning with your pigeons. I would like to give you an update on some success my son Kevin and I have had with you and Leo Van Rijn pigeons.

The best hen we have from your hen ‘Jenny’ GB10T 37024 bred by yourself from direct Leo Van Rijn bloodlines was ‘Lucky’. As a baby on her first flight out of the loft she was attacked by a hawk and hit a kitchen window. The owner of the house came out and saw the hawk on the pigeon on the ground, the hawk flew away and he picked the young pigeon and on checking the leg noticed a phone number and phoned Kevin. His son accompanied him to collect the pigeon not far from their house and on the return home Kevin’s son Matthew said ‘Dad this pigeon was lucky it was not killed by the hawk’ and Kevin said ‘You are right and you have just named the pigeon ‘Lucky’. She went on to win 7 x 1st prizes in the club and excelled in the Scottish National Flying Club from inland racing. From Maidstone a distance of 392 miles she won 6th section C 31st open from an entry of 4855 birds. From Buckingham a distance of 322 miles she won 14th section C 78th open from an entry of 2941 birds. Then from Maidstone a distance of 392 miles she won 49th section C 223rd open against an entry of 4484 birds. From the Billericay national a distance of 364 miles she won 1st club 1st federation 18th section C 70th open from a convoy of 3395 birds. Unfortunately ‘Lucky’ time ran out when she was going for her Meritorious Inland Bronze Award for winning 5 times in the Scottish National inland races.
However 2 half-sisters of Lucky from the same dam ‘Jenny’ have won the following in the 2017 season with the Scottish National Flying Club. From the national’s first race from Buckingham with 495 members sending 4169 birds. We also had a race from Leicester on the same day and Kevin took the 1st 2nd & 3rd place and as he was attending to these Leicester birds my wife Margaret said loudly; ‘There is a blue hen on the way into the trap. This turned out to be his 1st national pigeon from Buckingham and 10 minutes later her sister drop onto the loft and 6 minutes later he timed a yearling hen; and he finished up with 17 home from his entry of 20 birds at the national race, so was very pleased with the teams efforts on the day. Kevin ended up winning 1st club 2nd Angus federation 37th section C 112th open with his first bird she is a half-sister to ‘Lucky’ (same dam) mentioned above. Her sire was direct from Leo Van Rijn when I purchased 6 straight from Holland with the help of Adrian. Kevin’s 2nd pigeon ‘Lynne’ is a full sister to the club winner and she won 70th section C 201st open and this is her 2nd national certificate as she won 25th section C 63rd open from Ypres in 2016 flying 455 miles.
The Scottish national sent a great entry of 6065 birds to the Buckingham inland national with a few extra hundred birds convoyed by the national but who only competed for federation prizes and the total liberation could be in excess of 7000 birds. In this race Kevin won 2nd club 4th Angus federation 9th section C 26th open with ‘Lynne’ this was the hen who was our 2nd bird from Buckingham a couple of weeks ago so now has 3 Scottish national certificates to her name. Hopefully she will be in good condition to go to the Ypres race on the 8th July as she will be on her first pair of eggs of the season. I will let you know how she progresses on the day.
May I once again THANK YOU and LEO for the top quality pigeon you have supplied us over the years they have been a ‘Credit’ to you both as they are top quality bred pigeons who breed ‘Winner’s’.
Yours in sport
Joe & Kevin Murphy
Stop Press:
The convoy of 2320 birds sent by 409 members to Ypres by the SNFC were liberated at 06:40am on Saturday 8th July into blue skies with a light west/south-west wind at the race point. The birds cleared the site well within minutes and the temperature at liberation was 19 degrees. Kevin timed in ‘Lynne’ at 20-12 hours flying 455 miles and should make both the section and open national result, thus winning her 3rd national prize in 3 national races in 2017.
Once I obtain the open result I will update you on this wonderful hen positions.