Leo Van Rijn the undisputed King of the Dutch pigeon sport
I have always had the greatest admiration for men with a small basket and big results and this is most definitely the order of the day for the phenomenon and fanatical fancier who is the victorious Van Rijn from De Lier in the Southwest of Holland , a stone’s throw away from the port of Rotterdam.

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1e  General Champion club un nominated
1e General Champion club nominated
1e General Combine against approximately 400 members
1e Champion Combine Day races Un nominated
2e Champion Combine Day Races nominated
4e Champion Combine Middle distance  
5e Champion Combine Vitesse
We have a short race and a longer Young pigeon race, the short race was with a mix of sun and clouds and a very little wind, on a speed of 1314 meter a minute for the 1e , slower as expected, but Concours was closed in 15 minutes , so was good. I have to be satisfied with 3-7-8-9-13-15-22-24-28-30-32-39 on 234 pigeons was 20-46-48-50-68 etc in the combine on 3640 pigeons , this 12 prices from 15 routine pigeons of me in Concours. (and also 5 summer breeds in training) With great exportations after the short race, I was waiting for the youngsters from the 440 km race , but that race was going very slow and bad, with a lot (20%) of the pigeons not at home that day here around. I started with price 12 -35-78 in the combine on 1660 pigeons what is very bad for me as You know. There were winds from all sides on the 440 km and , most from the east, but I don’t understand that the pigeons come so bad. Only our Friend Fred had his lucky day , as only he get them very well on this race in this area, others here around, get them most dramatically. But finally the other day, I was lucky to get them all at home, so for 2018, I have a good team left over of this difficult Young pigeon race season 2017.
We have had to day, a Natour race from Peronne, with a calm North North western wind, and most good weather, but some rain on the line.
I have send 3 summer Youngs to learn up, and 17 old pigeons , (20 in the basked) all My 13 hens I have, and 4 cocks, all on eggs of 16 days and 3 on a Young from 4 -5 days. I have 15 of this 17 old pigeons in the price list. Not one of the 3 learn up Youngsters made a price for me.
This 15 price pigeons of me were place 4-5-13-14-16-17-19-25-32 etc to 213 pigeons, and this was in combine to 3006 pigeons place 16-18-49-50-60-63-79-119-142 etc . so 7 of My 17 old pigeons in the 1e 79 in the combine. I am satisfied , special because I am worried before because ; .. I don’t race My well trained selection of Youngsters anymore, and let them at home, moult and rest for next season 2018.
I only race with My total of 13 pairs old pigeons now today, against all concurrent like Fred , who played all their best trained selection of Youngsters, and they also toss them 2-3 times a week from 30 -40 km or even more, and come basked 40-50 or more pigeons. So I am pleased My pigeons made this results.
Leo van Rijn pigeons outstanding in Great-Brittain!

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