1-2-3 Middle Distance Roye
Today , Sunday 4 June, we raced from Roye , and I started with 1-2-3-7-12-14-16-19-20-22 etc total 18 in the prices from 27 send, and in the combine I started with 10-16-21 on 2556 pigeons
Much less pigeons as the week before after the bad races , a lot pigeons lost every were and a lot pigeons at home at the fanciers.
1e price this week with a top Yearling from WONDERE DIRK x a hen of Bliksem
2e price again 1 of my few UNO pigeons who won the day race last week
3e Benjamin x Bliksem cross (from daughter of My National ACE Marja
And following this with several of King & Keizer line Family

Here the weather yesterday on the race, was difficult again, as always in May, with the continue changing weather and temperature. We now have a tropical day, with more as 30 Celsius and a very soft south eastern wind, now any cloud, and burning sun.

Yesterday I won on a tough day race of 533 km with a hot south east wind 1 -2 -4 local(difficult and tough race, at evening 45% of the pigeons was not at home all around by other fanciers) I had 3 pigeons in concourse of My UNO day race pigeon line, and with this price 1-2-4 they were all 3 at home before most fancies even have a pigeon seen at the sky.

This was with this difficult and for me bad wind, provincial against 1102 fanciers and 18464 pigeons in concourse , price 23 and 28 and 286 provincial, and this even with Yong 2016 pigeons. The are Yearling childeren from the UNO hen NL09-1080223

We had also a short race, and they decide to change the plan and go to a very east place , very stupid, and that made as we told before the race extra disturbed with this disturbed south eastern wind. And that happened. Even now on Sunday morning, I read on My whats up, that 30% of the pigeons of this race and form the day race , from both still is not returned on most lofts

(I started on this Vitesse race from Chimay, unfortunately with price 4-6-7, and I have 21 of 23 pigeons at home)

5 combine winners 2016 of Leo van Rijn

First race a great succes!

I have put all My hens and cocks in the basked, what is a total this year of 47 pigeons . I start with
1-4-5-7-8-9-10-13-17-18-19-20- 21- etc in club on 331 pigeons and in the combine on 5793 pigeons this was 6-37-38-40-44-46-69-76-86-90-91-99-100 (=13 in 1e 100) total of 30 prices of the 47.The hens doing the very best.
The top pigeons were mostly all of the old lines, and the 1e price winner, It was again a hen of My old lines , King/Keizer, /Hattrick mix, (father Hattrick 790 x Frederica 947) who won the 1e. However, she arrived as no 4, but coming in strait, were another 3 pigeons decide to show around some more to show the boss they feel good and happy. The 3 who lost the 1e because they don’t come in direct, were daughter from Bliksem 395 x Benjamina 907 , and daughter Keizer 010 Mr Perfect x Willem de Bruin Schanulleke , and son Jannie 537 (the champion from Keizer/Hattrick line ) x UNO 827 .
Also the 2 trainings races last 2 wks, they were arrived like this, very well.
I do nothing as most light food (and not much), to try to let them come in quick. The distance made they need no fet corns, only sugar corns, and nothing more this 1e weeks.
8. Best fancier of the Netherlands!!

Leo van Rijn is a fantastic racer and also 2016 was fabulous again. He became 8 best pigeon  fancier WHZB-TBOTB of Holland and he has also the 14. best pigeon of Holland. A great result, because Leo lives at the West side of the Section and that is really bad. This is the proof of Leo's quality pigeons!

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