1e overall west side of south Holland against 5960 pigeons

After 2  very tough cold North west wind races from 540 Km last weekend as I wrote you, I  keep this week 35% pigeons at home , and played 26 Pigeons on Nanteuil 335 Km with a strong west south western winds.
I am Happy to tell you now 30 May 2015 I won again 1e overall west side of south Holland against 5960 pigeons.
After 2 wks ago  have a unusual of day,  out of the top, ( as I told you after treating against feather louse) ,  last wk as you can read here under this message in my message of last wk was OK, but this week the form seems 98% returned, and bring me the 1e price here of 5960 pigeons from West (coast)  side of province south Holland.
Interesting I suppose to tell that last wks I have give the hens  ( who raced not as good as the cocks what is very unusual over the last 25 years for me) some orni cure of Dr. H. de Weerd/ Belgica to test for myself if there was some orni problem.
You know  I am nearly never use some medicine, but don’t want be more Holy as the pope, so I give as test after a bad race 2 wks ago, the hens this orni cure,  and the cocks nothing, as only garlic extract in the water, extra on the usual garlic parts.
 Again the same as last years as I do this test the same way, the Cocks on only extra Garlic win the 1e and best top prices, the orni cure was again for nothing,  so only bad that the get some.
I also suppose there have be possible by the cold weather week after week here in Holland, to less energy foot be given by me before that race 2 wks ago that I missed the top,  so I have feet them last 2 wks some more fat energy corns.
Next point is, I try and succeed  get the condition back at my team,  with over the food last 2 wks, some garlic/ fisch oil  &  yeast & eggs food & honey &  vegetable juice, this  2 days on Monday and Tuesday over the foot


Results this weekend

Here we had again for the 3e time no possibility to race on Saturday because the bad weather, but today on Sunday we had good weather.
We had 2 races, a Vitesse race 248 km from Peronne and a day race 533 Km  form Blois. I t was a pity that just there in Blois the weather was not good and they have to wait until 10.15 to put them out. With a most sunny weather, and West North western wind  on Peronne and a North western on Blois, the made more as 1400 meter a minute on Peronne and on Blois the made here 1179 meter a minute for the 1e in the Combine.
As everybody understand, we know is most weeks west in the wind,  and with the pigeons from France coming from the south, it is impossible to race for the top provincial,  in  case against the east side of the Province have the wind in there profit.
On my own loft the big form is with the cold weather last wks (it was a lot of days between 3 and 6  degrees Celsius  in the night  and not more as 10 Celsius on the day) on my open lofts I suppose to long cold.
As you know normally I am always for the 1e price in battle, now price 22 -24-41 (and 50% price) on Blois against 1648 pigeons is a little to late for me. Positive was that several of them are very fresh arrived from this tough day race after 7,5 hour head wind.
 On Peronne it was in the combine strange enough with this wind the coast places who take the top this morning ,  I start with 37 and 41 to 2397 Pigeons and 19 in the price list from 27 in the basked from me.
The pigeons in my team  look very well, temperature here is better now,  so next wk I hope I get them back in the top.


May 2nd, 2015

Here the results of the race this afternoon. The weather in France was disturbed and the car have to come back to Belgium were the put them out by a south eastern wind power 3. I was afraid of it, because it is with south east nearly  always radio disturbed in the air , with pigeons a lot of time flying around above there loft and waste time before they come in the loft. I play with my loft on the east site of the western coast Rayon, that is also not positive for my chance as you understand.
But  the pigeons were coming out the western coast line as expected, but super today again, they lost nearly no seconds and made against 4210 pigeons  price  5-6-7-8-9—13-15-23-27-30-43-47-58  with  al my total loft  of 46 pigeons in the basked, I had there  38 in de price list in our system in Holland  1 on 4 pigeons in concurs in the points /price list.



Results April 14th, 2015

After the start last wk with a test race where I start with  1-5-6-9  (wind north east) in my combine against 1626 pigeons (not much pigeons because it was still very cold); Now Sunday 14 April with south western wind from Duffel against 3673 pigeons  I start with 2-4-6-14-16-19-20-21 (see the results I have enclosed, the pigeon who pick the 1e before me today is a pigeon of the chairman of my club , a good old house friend of me, and so this is a  pigeon of my pigeon Family origin of the old lines. I have myself for 2015  in total 22 cocks on my racing loft and 26 Hens to race. As you know every pigeon on my loft go nearly every wk in the basked. This wk I decide to keep 2 cocks at home because the like head wind and there will be a south west fast wind, so I basked 46 pigeons and won 27 price list on 1 to 4 price system here.
The 1e price winner to 1626 pigeons of last wk was Blue Power who have all old bloodlines of my loft in his pedigree, the pigeons who won today price 2 on 3573 is a son of Frederica,  who won last year 2 times 1e of the total  NPO afd 12 with 1e Asse Zelik to 8538 pigeons and 1e Pt St Max to 8471 pigeons. This son of Frederica was catches as young last year by my Rottweiler dog,  and poorly damaged. A little wonder he recovered so that he is able to race on the top. Price 4 to this 3573 pigeons is the Pikkert  now and last wk price 7 to 1626 . This Pikkert won last year 2 to 9224 and 2 to 8471 and 2 to 4305 and 2 to 4279  and 11 to 4279 when she was lost on a disaster race. I get here back totally empty but , she returned and   so it looks now she is also good recovered form the disaster last year, but I will race here only this year on races when the look to get good weather so that she get not a second disaster race. 

Last weekend , 30 August, result young pigeons Pt. St Maxence

On the young pigeons race I started with  1-3-4-5-8 to 424 pigeons what was 9-20-21-22-40 to 2642 pigeons. This was Ok I suppose with this weather, but on total afd 12 with this tough westernwind and a lot of rain from the see,  we got the pigeons from the eastside because they were forced by the heavy rain to go to the east. The early pigeons were there (east of me, the Rayon Westland Den Haag) and overall I had their 42-83-84-85 to 5087 pigeons, not good but good in this circumstances.

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