1st on NPO afd. 12 'De Kuststrook'

Yesterday here it was again no good weather; with rain on the line and (for me) bad westernwind 4, what made it impossible to win the 1e here in the NPO afd 12 , the Kuststrook, but…I did !!! Unbelievable !! So the impossible 1st in NPO afd. 12 with this wrong wind, I made in 'De Kuststrook' Rayon the 1-10-12-17-20-33-39-43-52-57-69-76 on 3225 pigeons. The pigeons team is high class and they were in perfect condition so with good wind & weather I expect the had to do even better, but I know that I have to be happy with what I have now. The winner was a cross of my old Benjamin family, son of the Bourges 096 (was a son of Benjamin 090, Benjamin lines cross well with everything) with this time a cross with a hen of Kanibaal (Dirk van Dijk, Belgian).
As you maybe have read earlier, this season some of this results of the old pigeons:
1-2-3-5-13-16 etc against 4084 pigeons
1-2-8-14-34-39 etc against 8471 pigeons
1-2-26 etc against 8543 pigeons
1-2-7 against 3874 pigeons
And this of the young pigeons; Last weeks we had 1 very disturbed weather weekend (a very little & dead south eastern wind) and we have 3 weather weaks like this, not super but I can work with this. The results:
3-5-6-9-11-17 etc  against 4812 pigeons, 26th of July
2-3-6-8-10-11-14 etc against 4898 pigeons, 9th of August
5-6-7-8-9-10-14-22 against 3678 pigeons, 16th of August
Yesterday in NPO afd. 12 the impossible 1st of 6032 pigeons and in my area/Rayon, 1-10-12-17-20-33-39-43-52 -57 -69-76  in het Rayon against 3225 pigeons is good again. I am very happy with the results this season you will understand (now I do everything on my own again), it's going good like the old times with the King & Keizer & Hattrick & Reply & Benjamin.

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