Laslo Heere performs verry well with Leo van Rijn strain!

Today I get a phone call from Terry Higgs, from Rossington -Doncaster, to thanks me for the pigeons I sent him last Year 2016. He bred some top Youngsters of them, and he won good prices with now this last weekend he won the 1e Provincial and 1e Sector ad 9 National all England. This with a head wind on 306 Mile distance, arrived afer7 hours and 58 minutes, on a speed of 1128 Yards a minute.
The winner was bred out 2 fresh Leo van Rijn pigeons from mostly the National Champion King and Keizer , and a little from mother of Benjamin line, cross with a W. de Bruin.
Leo Van Rijn the undisputed King of the Dutch pigeon sport
I have always had the greatest admiration for men with a small basket and big results and this is most definitely the order of the day for the phenomenon and fanatical fancier who is the victorious Van Rijn from De Lier in the Southwest of Holland , a stone’s throw away from the port of Rotterdam.

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Grootmeester Leo

1e  General Champion club un nominated
1e General Champion club nominated
1e General Combine against approximately 400 members
1e Champion Combine Day races Un nominated
2e Champion Combine Day Races nominated
4e Champion Combine Middle distance  
5e Champion Combine Vitesse

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